U.K Heyer Paperbacks - c.1976-1983
These covers are believed to be all by John Rose, though only a few are signed with his name. I consider them to be some of the most aesthetically pleasing and artistically satisfying covers ever to grace the covers of Heyer paperbacks. Even though there are quite a few covers that aren't perfect or seem peculiar (Why is Eugenia Wraxton on The Grand Sophy cover? And what a odd subject choice for Devil's Cub...), and the artist assumes that evening dresses were everyday Regency clothing, he has still managed to capture the essence and spirit of Heyer's books with vigour, verve, general good taste, and elegance. One feels the Divine Georgette would have strongly approved of these covers.

Updated April 6th, The Conqueror (thanks Laurie!) and Regency Buck added to the index; John Rose's name corrected (not Paul Rose, as was incorrectly stated).

April Lady


Bath Tangle


The Black Moth

Black Sheep

Charity Girl

A Civil Contract

The Conqueror

The Convenient Marriage

The Corinthian


Cousin Kate

Devil's Cub

False Colours

Faro's Daughter

The Foundling


Friday's Child

The Grand Sophy

An Infamous Army

Lady of Quality

The Masqueraders

My Lord John
No cover available

The Nonesuch

Pistols for Two

Powder and Patch

The Quiet Gentleman

Regency Buck

The Reluctant Widow

Royal Escape

Simon The Coldheart

The Spanish Bride

Sprig Muslin


These Old Shades

The Talisman Ring

The Toll Gate

The Unknown Ajax


The cover art from the 1977 Heinemann/Octopus Library anthology edition of Georgette Heyer. Titles in this book: These Old Shades, Sprig Muslin, Sylvester, The Corinthian, and The Convenient Marriage

All cover art is © Paul Rose/respective creators, or to Pan Books Ltd.

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